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telenamer is a CLI tool that attempts to rename TV episode files to follow a consistent file name format.

telenamer was an attempt to both learn Go, and to improve an earlier app that performed the same task. It works by pulling information from the file name, sending it to the TVDB API, and using the information retrieved to create a better filename.

telenamer improved on the previous app by being

  • far easier to distribute (instead of having to work with the awkward Python distribution ecosystem, I could just build an executable)
  • far quicker due to use of Goroutines
  • better tested due to unit testing
  • less brittle by leveraging a library to get information from the file name, instead of using very brittle regex (the library itself does use regex, but far better tested regex).
  • far more feature filled, allowing the user to supply a format instead of assuming one for them