Hello! I'm Bevan Philip.

I'm a software developer hailing from the UK.

Job Experience

Junior Software Developer at Software AG

August 2018 - now Python, C++, Java

Working on Apama, a high performance streaming analytics solution.

Student Web Developer at Loughborough Students' Union

Oct 2018 - Jul 2021 PHP, HTML, JavaScript
  • Helped the organisation transition between content management software, by creating frontend and backend systems to replicate or improve functionality from their previous system.
  • Created eLearning material for the students’ union, and some in collaboration with Loughborough University.
  • Developed pieces of frontend web content.
  • Learned how to keep track of progress and produce documentation for the organisation to enable transition in the future.

Work Experience at Delta Financial Services

June 2017 PowerShell, C#
  • Was tasked with producing PowerShell scripts to improve their automated testing systems, by automatically provisioning a machine with a copy of the software that was activated with a test license generated by the Jenkins build system.
  • Gained knowledge about how production systems work (was shown around their SVN repository, code tracker, and worked with their Jenkins build system).
  • Had to work to a given task and produce production ready software.
  • Gained insight into how an organisation with multiple locations works.


BSc in Computer Science at Loughborough University

First Class Honours


Bo Tree is an Android meditation app.


This website.

Tailwind, Webpack

telenamer is a CLI tool that attempts to rename TV episode files to follow a consistent file name format.