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My name is Bevan Philip. I'm a programmer, web developer and general computer enthusiast.



epNamer is a program that automatically renames TV Show filenames to include the show, season, and episode name. It was programmed in Python, and utilises the TVDB API to gain the episode name.


gyazo-to-imgur is a reddit bot, based upon the PRAW framework, that would automatically read comments/posts for Gyazo links, scrape the image from the page (using BeautifulSoup 4), and then upload it to imgur using the imgur python API. It would then post this link as a reply to the original comment.

This site was made using Jade, SASS and JavaScript. It utilises Grunt (and my personal Grunt script, petulant-grunt-script), to automatically compile everything, and condense all the content into the smallest file size for distribution.